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Lead Acid Battery Alternative

Lead Acid Battery Alternative

Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries, also known as LFP batteries, are a type of rechargeable lithium-ion battery known for their high energy density and long cycle life. Their stable voltage and excellent thermal performance make them a popular choice for many appliaction,from portable electronics to electric vehicles, renewable energy storage, and more.

 Cycles times: 5000 .

 Long lifespan: 10+ years life design

 Excellent standby self-consumption

 High density, small size and weight

 With ABS case to replace lead acid battery.

 With intelligent BMS system to optimize the performance

 12V/24V LiFePO4 pack, superior safety and reliability

General Technical Specifications
ModelVoltage(V)Capacity(AH)Dimension(L*W*H)mmWeight(kg)TerminalCell Combination
12.8V7AH12.8V7AH151*65*971.2 2504S1P/Cylindrical
12.8V9AH12.8V10AH151*65*971.8 2504S2P/Cylindrical
12.8V12AH12.8V12AH151*99*992.0 250/M54S2P/Cylindrical
12.8V18AH12.8V18AH180*80*1783.0 M54S3P/Cylindrical
12.8V24AH12.8V24AH180*80*1783.6 M54S4P/Cylindrical
12.8V36AH12.8V36AH198*166*1706.0 M64S6P/Cylindrical
12.8V55AH12.8V55AH229*138*2087.5 M84S9P/Cylindrical
12.8V75AH12.8V75AH260*168*2098.5 M84S1P/Prismatic
12.8V100AH12.8V100AH330*172*21510.6 M84S1P/Prismatic
12.8V150AH12.8V150AH522*240*21816.5 M84S1P/Prismatic
12.8V200AH12.8V200AH522*240*21818.0 M84S1P/Prismatic
25.6V100AH25.6V100AH522*240*21820.7 M88S1P/Prismatic

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